Potassium permanganate solutions which are used as oxidizing measuring solutions in redox titrations can in most cases be replaced by Ce(IV) solutions. These offer the advantages that they do not change on storage and that the course of the redox titration can be very conveniently followed by measuring the electrochemical potential. The equivalent point can then be found by determination of the inflection point of the potential curve which results from plotting the measured values.


Titrate Iron(II) sulphate solution with Ce(IV) sulphate solution.

What you can learn about

  • Redox titration
  • Iron(II) sulphate
  • Ce(IV) sulphate
  • Titration
  • Cerimetry


  • Drop counter optimizes the experimental procedure
  • Simplified implementation: all pre-settings already prepared
  • Extensive automation of the experiment allows concentration on the learning objectives

Necessary accessories

  • Precision balance 6200g/0.01g

Software provided. Computer not included.


Scope of Supply
Device NameItem no.Qty
Beaker, Borosilicate, tall form, 600 ml46029-001,00
curricuLAB measureLAB, multi-user license14580-611,00
Retort stand, h = 750 mm37694-001,00
Sulphuric acid, 95-97%, 500 ml30219-501,00
Right angle boss-head clamp37697-003,00
Volumetric pipette, 10 ml36578-001,00
Wash bottle, plastic, 500 ml33931-001,00
Holder for sensors with support rod12680-002,00
Adapter, BNC-plug/socket 4 mm07542-261,00
Platinum electrode in protection tube, d = 8 mm45206-001,00
Cerium-/IV/-sulphate 231194-041,00
Magnetic stirring bar 15 mm, cylindrical46299-012,00
Burette clamp, roller mount., 2 pl.37720-001,00
Pasteur pipettes, 250 pcs36590-001,00
Funnel, glass, top dia. 50 mm34457-001,00
Reference electrode, AgCl18475-001,00
Beaker, Borosilicate, tall form, 50 ml46025-003,00
Funnel, diameter = 40 mm, plastic (PP)36888-001,00
Volumetric flask, Borosilicate, 100 ml, IGJ12/2136548-001,00
Water, distilled 5 l31246-811,00
Cobra4 Sensor-Unit Chemistry12630-001,00
Gloves, Neoprene, size M46347-001,00
Rubber caps, 10 pcs39275-031,00
Magnetic stirrer without heating, 3 ltr., 230 V35761-991,00
Iron-II sulphate 50030072-501,00
Beaker, Borosilicate, tall form, 250 ml46027-001,00
Volumetric flask 500 ml, IGJ19/2636551-002,00
Spoon, special steel33398-001,00
Connecting cord, 32 A, 500 mm, red07361-011,00
Protecting glasses, clear glass39316-001,00
Graduated pipette 25 ml36602-001,00
Beaker, DURAN®, tall form, 150 ml36003-001,00
Graduated cylinder, Borosilicate, 250 ml36630-001,00

Downloads and Documents

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