This is a model experiment to show the industrial blast furnace process to produce iron from iron(III) oxide. During the experiment a furnace gas flame that is approximately 10 to 20 cm high can be ignited at the stack outlet. Cavities form in the burning carbon layer. These cavities collapse over time. Apart from ash and carbon residues, metallic lumps can also be found in the frame after the end of the experiment. Samples of these lumps lead to the formation of hydrogen when they are treated with hydrochloric acid.


  • Illustrative presentation of the blast furnace process
  • Secure connection of the items by GL screw joint system


  1. Investigate the reduction fo iron(III) oxide to Iron(II) oxide.
  2. Show the blast furnace process in a model experiment.

What you can learn about

  • Iron
  • Blast furnace process
  • Slug
  • Production of iron
  • Reduction
  • Oxidation

Necessary accessories

  • Precision balance 620g/0.001g


Scope of Supply
Device NameItem no.Qty
Porcelain boats, 10 pcs32471-031,00
Table stand for 2 l steel cylinders41774-001,00
Activated carbon, granular 50030011-501,00
Rubber caps, 10 pcs39275-031,00
Test tube rack for 12 tubes, holes d= 22 mm, wood37686-101,00
Blast furnace stack, DURAN36688-091,00
Crucible tongs, 200 mm, stainless steel33600-001,00
Pinchcock, width 15 mm43631-151,00
Wrench for steel cylinders40322-001,00
Lighter f.natural/liquified gases38874-001,00
Glass tube, straight, l=80 mm, 10/pkg.36701-651,00
Support,w.closed-circuit pipeline36688-011,00
Bar magnet, l 150mm06310-001,00
Mortar with pestle, 150 ml, porcelain32604-001,00
Steel cylinder hydrogen, 2 l, full41775-001,00
Charcoal,small pieces 25030088-301,00
Safety gas tubing, DVGW, sold by metre39281-101,00
Retort stand, h = 750 mm37694-002,00
Hot air blower with adaptor36688-931,00
Wash bottle, plastic, 500 ml33931-001,00
Beaker, Borosilicate, tall form, 100 ml46026-001,00
Glass wool 10 g31773-031,00
Tweezers,straight,blunt, 200 mm40955-001,00
Protective desk plate 40 x 40 cm39180-101,00
Combustion tube, l 300mm, DURAN37023-011,00
Iron ore, 500 g36688-051,00
Spoon, special steel33398-001,00
Clamp for ground joint, plastic, IGJ2943615-001,00
Hydrochloric acid 37 %, 100030214-701,00
Rubber tubing, i.d. 6 mm39282-001,00
Right angle boss-head clamp37697-003,00
Gas washing bottle, 100 ml36691-001,00
Funnel, glass, top dia. 50 mm34457-001,00
Support base DEMO02007-551,00
Teclu burner, DIN, natural gas32171-051,00
Hose clip f.12-20 diameter tube40995-002,00
Rubber stopper, d = 22/17 mm, 1 hole39255-012,00
Test tube, 160 x 16 mm, 100 pcs37656-101,00
Rings, ceramic fibre, 5 pcs36688-081,00
Reducing valve for hydrogen33484-001,00
Teflon sleeve IGJ 29, 10 pcs43617-001,00
Sulphuric acid, 95-97%, 500 ml30219-501,00
Rubber tubing, i.d. 8 mm39283-001,00
Universal clamp37715-003,00
Glass tube,right-angled w.tip,1036701-531,00
Pasteur pipettes, 250 pcs36590-001,00
Support rod, stainless steel, l = 600 mm, d = 10 mm02037-002,00
Water, distilled 5 l31246-811,00

Downloads and Documents

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