The reduction, as the reversal of the oxidation, can be achieved thermally or with the aid of a reducing agent.
Some metal oxides can be decomposed into the metal and oxygen under the influence of thermal energy. In the case of less noble metals, a reducing agent is required for obtaining the elements. The redox processes during the preparation of lead demonstrate the relationship between oxidation and reduction.

By way of this experiment it can be shown that during the reduction of an oxide the reducing agent itself is oxidised: hydrogen to water, carbon to carbon dioxide. A reduction process is always coupled with an oxidation process, which is why this type of reaction is referred to as a redox reaction.


  • Practical gas bar for storing the gases
  • Stable and safe setup due to solid stand material


  1. Reduction of lead(IV) oxide to lead(II) oxide by thermolysis. 
  2. Reduction of lead(II) oxide by way of charcoal to obtain elementary lead.
  3. Reduction of iron oxide including the formation of hydrogen based on pyrophoric iron.

What you can learn about

  • Reduction
  • Oxidation
  • Redox reaction
  • Lead
  • Iron
  • Thermolysis


Scope of Supply
Device NameItem no.Qty
Beaker, Borosilicate, tall form, 600 ml46029-001,00
Circular filter,d 125 mm,100 pcs32977-051,00
Wood splints, package of 10039126-101,00
Calcium hydroxide 50030054-501,00
Pinchcock, width 15 mm43631-151,00
Gas bar40466-001,00
Universal clamp37715-002,00
Connecting tube IGJ 19/26-GL 18/835678-012,00
Teclu burner, DIN, natural gas32171-051,00
Support base DEMO02007-551,00
Steel cylinder hydrogen, 2 l, full41775-001,00
Safety gas tubing, DVGW, sold by metre39281-101,00
Glass tube, straight, l=80 mm, 10/pkg.36701-651,00
Spoon, special steel33398-001,00
Charcoal powder 25030087-251,00
Beaker, Borosilicate, tall form, 100 ml46026-001,00
Tweezers,straight,blunt, 200 mm40955-001,00
Lighter f.natural/liquified gases38874-001,00
Test tube,180x20 mm, PN136293-001,00
Porcelain boats, 10 pcs32471-031,00
Support rod, stainless steel, l = 600 mm, d = 10 mm02037-002,00
Clamp f.ground joint,plastic,NS1943614-002,00
Rubber tubing, i.d. 6 mm39282-002,00
Test tube, 160 x 16 mm, 100 pcs37656-101,00
Reducing valve for hydrogen33484-001,00
Lead-IV oxide -lead diox.- 250 g31122-251,00
Hose clip f.12-20 diameter tube40995-002,00
Protective desk plate 40 x 40 cm39180-101,00
Glass tube,right-angled w.tip,1036701-531,00
Porcelain dish 140ml, d 100mm32518-001,00
Magnet, d = 10 mm, l = 200 mm06311-001,00
Teflon sleeve IGJ 19, 10 pcs43616-001,00
Wrench for steel cylinders40322-001,00
Right angle boss-head clamp37697-002,00
Combustion tube, 300 mm, quartz, ns33948-011,00
Scissors, straight,180 mm64798-001,00
Table stand for 2 l steel cylinders41774-001,00
Rubber stopper, d = 22/17 mm, 1 hole39255-012,00
Glass tubes,right-angled, 1036701-591,00
Water, distilled 5 l31246-811,00

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