A number of different mixtures of phenol and water are prepared and heated until complete miscibility is achieved. As the mixtures cool, two-phase systems form at certain temperatures which are recognisable by the appearance of turbidity. Plotting separation temperatures against compositions of the mixtures gives the separation curve.


  • Good and reproducible results due to temperature control in the experiment.


  1. Plot the separation curve of the phenol / water binary system and prepare a temperature / mass fraction diagram.
  2. Determine the critical separation point.

What you can learn about

  • Binary system
  • Miscibility gap
  • Mixed phase
  • Coexisting phase
  • Raoult's law
  • Critical dissolution temperature

Necessary accessories

  • Precision balance 620g/0.001g


Scope of Supply
Device NameItem no.Qty
Wash bottle, plastic, 500 ml33931-001,00
Bath for thermostat, makrolon08487-021,00
Hose clip, diam. 8-16 mm, 1 pc.40996-024,00
Test tube, 160 x 16 mm, 100 pcs37656-101,00
Rubber stopper,d=18/14mm,w/o hole39254-007,00
Funnel, glass, top dia. 50 mm34457-001,00
Rack for 20 test tubes, Makrolon08487-031,00
Burette, 10 ml, grad. 0.05 ml47152-011,00
Retort stand, h = 750 mm37694-001,00
Water, distilled 5 l31246-811,00
Rubber caps, 10 pcs39275-031,00
Beaker, DURAN®, tall form, 150 ml36003-001,00
External circulation set for thermostat Alpha A08493-021,00
Burette clamp, roller mount., 2 pl.37720-001,00
Spoon, special steel33398-001,00
Rubber tubing, i.d. 6 mm39282-003,00
Pasteur pipettes, 250 pcs36590-001,00
Immersion thermostat Alpha A, 230 V08493-931,00
Laboratory pen, waterproof, black38711-001,00
Tubing connector, ID 6-10mm47516-012,00

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