The molar mass of a liquid is to be determined by evaporating a liquid at constant temperature and pressure, and measuring the volume of  vapour  formed using a calibrated gas syringe.


  • For both demonstration and student experiments
  • Simple procedure - fast results
  • Glass jacket system easily expandable


  1. Determine the molar masses of diethyl ether and methanol.
  2. Discuss the results in terms of the real and ideal behaviour of vapours.

What you can learn about

  • Ideal and ordinary gases
  • Equations of state for ideal gases
  • Gas volumetry
  • Determination of molar masses according to the vapour density method (Victor Meyer)

Necessary accessories:

This experiments requires a precision balance

Precision Balance, Sartorius ENTRIS® II, 620 g : 1 mg (49311-99)


Scope of Supply
Device NameItem no.Qty
Weather monitor, 6 lines LCD87997-101,00
Diethyl ether 25030007-251,00
Lab thermometer,-10..+150C38058-002,00
Syringe 1ml, Luer, 10 pcs02593-031,00
Water, distilled 5 l31246-811,00
Set gas laws with glass jacket, 230 V43003-881,00
Cannula 0.6x60 mm, Luer, 20 pcs02599-041,00
Power regulator32288-931,00
Boiling beads, 200 g36937-201,00

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